In my atelier near Basel, I create silver bowls large and small, tableware, baptismal cups, liturgical hollowware and sculptures in small, handcrafted series or as single works of art.

My most important tools are hammers, stakes and anvils in various shapes and sizes, and the fire for annealing and brazing silver. Both everyday articles and works of art are crafted by casting, forging, raising and mounting. The appearance of these items is modern, but the techniques I use are ancient.

For me, pursuing an idea all the way from the first design sketch to the finished metal creation is a source of endless fascination and delight.

As well as crafting artistically designed contemporary silver work, I restore and repair antique silver and items made of non-precious metals.

Until the late eighteenth century, silversmiths were an integral part of Europe’s political and economic life. Drawing inspiration from the long tradition of this ancient craft, my passion is the creation of contemporary silver.


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